Wednesday, September 15, 2010

what happens next >>> ?


رسول محم

In the name of Almighty Allah ,The Most Powerful ,The Most Gracious.All praise ,admirations are only for & towards The Most Merciful Allah Subhanallahu Taa'la. And Dorud & Salam from the deepest part of my heart & soul.May Almighty keep Muhammad(p.b.u.h) in the highest place in Zannatul Firdous.

This blog is dedicated only for Muhammad(p.b.u.h) without whom, as Almighty has said, He wouldn't creat the Universe.

So , my one & only purpose of this blog would be to analyse & discuss the The holy sayings of  Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi owa sallam).

Any comments , suggestions & corrections regarding my writing would be accepted most cordially.

Oh, Almighty Allah plz grant our prayers with mercy & keep us always victorious over kafir & mushriq .
May Almighty let us to be in touch with Muhammad(p.b.u.h) in After Life.

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