Monday, December 8, 2014

The Destruction of the Beloved Ummah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH - A simple thought with few words.

May Allah shower mercy,peace,honor and everything blessing upon the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
The harder I try,while cross-checking, to find out any lack/fracture/fault in the evidences Muhammad PBUH left for His Ummah,the more astonished I become. By Allah, the Prophet didn't  forget to mention/warn any single affair concerning His Ummah with exact proves and evidences.

The Palestinians,the Syrians i.e. the People of Shaam will face the toughest trials,destructions,
killings,starvation - everything was warned 1400 years back.As well as all the warnings by Muhammad
 PBUH, the guardian of this Ummah,revealed all the ways and means for the People of Shaam to avoid/ minimize the casualties.People of Shaam, as well as the beloved Muslims in Chechnya,Bosnia Herzegovina, Iraq,Kashmir being killed/martyred for so long because of the fundamental reason Muslim scholars
don't have got headache to read the warning messages by Muhammad to the innocent civilian Muslims.
Instead of saving the Ummah, the scholars are serving for the earthly gain and misinterpreting Quran
 and Sunnah for the End-times.One of the biggest reasons why Muslim scholars in this end-time are way too harmful than the AntiChrist/Ad-Dajjal.

The conclusion,for now,should be with the famous saying of Muhammad PBUH ,"I've told/warned you (all) so many things so that you might get understood (and realize/recognize the future which will be full of fitnah like the deep darkness of night)........... but I fear you might not recognize/realize(the situation soon be upon you)"

P.S. While writing this kind of writings tears always troll and overflood the eyes.  Do you even care
 the least for blessing the tiny-brain-having-author of this little article,so that Allah might save from
sinking in the ocean of grave-sins and then give better understanding of the Sunnah and therefore to serve the Muslims?

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